Sun Jul 11 07:04:53 2021 20 days ago

[AU/NZ Highlander Season 9] Playoffs

The final round of the regular season has finished for AU/NZ
Highlander Season 9! Congratulations to the teams who have made
playoffs, and your top four teams from each division are:


pena's trinkets
blue pandas
Nuclear Rats


Methamphetamain 🥶💉🍻🔮🦯📉
Cranial Crongoloids

Coverage will likely come for UPP/LPP and beyond.

Fri Jun 18 07:36:08 2021 about 1 month ago

ASIA Highlander Season 8: Final Seedings

Hey everyone, our final seedings have been released and ASIA Highlander matches have been generated. We ended up reverting back to one division as our prior 5/5 team split per division meant two BYE matches per week as well as some awkward seedings that would leave a team likely in a rough position in the bottom of Premier. As such, only Main will be around this season. Please contact core#6440 on Discord if there are any issues.


Mon Jun 14 09:29:00 2021 about 2 months ago

ASIA Highlander Season 8: Draft Seedings

Hey all! This is our first draft of Season 8 ASIA Highlander Seedings. Please contact core#6440 on discord as soon as possible if your team feels the seedings can be better.