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Thread: Respawn League AU/NZ Season 9 / ASIA Season 8 Frag Video
Brady League Admin

Community member Harrison will be making a frag video of the past season (AU/NZ Season 9 / ASIA Season 8) of RSL . If you have any frag clips from official matches be sure to submit them in the collection thread! Submissions will close Sunday the 22nd of August at 11:59PM. Please follow the following template when submitting. Please note, your frag is more likely to be included in the final movie if you include both a POV demo and an STV demo.

Thread: Respawn League Season 9 frag video
Brady League Admin

Player Alias: [Your Alias Here]
Teams: [Your Team] vs [Enemy Team]
Bracket: [RSL9 Bracket (Premier/Main)]
Round: [RSL9 Round]
Tick: [Tick Number just before occurrence of play]
What to look for: [Short description of play]
Demos: [Link to demo (mediafire, dropbox, mega, etc), POV + STV also