Michael League Administrator

Playoffs are here! Congratulations to all of the teams who have made it this far in the season, now is where the real challenge begins. Both Highlander and 4s will be moving away from set maps and in to best of threes (Bo3). The bracket will be a double elimination bracket with all teams starting in the upper bracket.

In Bo3s the maps will be determined by a pick/ban phase that both participate in. The order of the picking and banning are based on the seeds coming in to the playoffs. Please remember each map (or set) is only one half.
Make sure you have all of the maps played this season ready in case you need to play them, check our map downloads page if you do need any of them.

The top 8 teams for Highlander, and top 4 for 4s, will proceed to the playoffs. We already have a post up that explains the way the Asia Highlander will be played that can be found here, and we also have set up Challonge pages for AUS/NZ Highlander and for 4v4 so you can see what the brackets look like.

The schedule for playoffs will be as follows

AUS/NZ Highlander

Week 1: Round 1
Week 2: Round 2, Losers Round 1
Week 3: Semifinals, Losers Round 2
Week 4: Losers Round 3(Monday-Wednesday), Losers Round 4(Thursday-Saturday)
Week 5: Grand Final


Week 1: Round 1
Week 2: Semifinals, Losers Round 1
Week 3: Losers Round 2
Week 4: Grand Final

For any further questions about playoffs, feel free to reach out to any of our staff members in our Discord.

Check your Match Communications page for information specific to this week's game.