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Signup / Get Started video

Another piece of feedback we received from people who have not used a Citadel website before was that it was a bit hard to learn. With this in mind, we will be making a video to help users through most of the needed processes on Citadel, the link for which will be found on our New to Highlander Guide page.

Badge Updates

Our Badge Maker, EmperorFaiz has been working hard on 3d modelling our badge, a preview of which can be seen below:

More updates as to the progress of this will come as we get them. As soon as it is ready, we will make contact with Valve.

TL:DR Major Changes to Citadel

  • Updated Ruleset (can be found under About & Contact > Rules) to reflect Mercenary rule changes, Region / Out of Region rule changes, POV Recording, Mirror Ban changes, and many more. We suggest having a read through to make sure you are up to date.
  • Fixed visual issues with our version of Citadel - There were some visual problems that made the overall usability of our Citadel that needed to be fixed.
  • Forum posts background color is now white, along with our panel views across the website.
  • Fixed spacing, colors, and made preparations to incorporate a Verify Roster feature in Match Comms.
  • Made small internal visual changes, along with preparations for an on demand Mumble booking through Citadel.
  • Styling and pages are in place, ready for an eventual automated pug system within Citadel.
  • Fixed some Bootstrap styled buttons not displaying correctly with the style changes.
  • Fixed the usability / clarity of the Sign in with Steam button. It now is identical to that of most other websites.
  • Changed how we handled bans league wide, we now have compatibility with our AutoMod bot to share certain bans cross platform.
  • Added Citadel Server Administration page to the MOTD of every server we run.
  • Adding more content / fixed up some pages on the website.

We have made a number of these changes primarily because of community feedback / comments.


There have been a few generous souls who have wanted to donate or support the league going forward, but I felt that we should be providing more than just a league before accepting anything. We have come up with our Respawn+ tier rewards, which will be expanded more in the future.

Respawn League and all of its services will always remain free, even in financial hardship. We never need community donations, this is only for those who would either like the rewards, or for those who are just bloody legends.

Asia Region update

We now have 2 of our own servers in Singapore, to better cover South East Asia with reliable hardware. In the coming days, we will also have 2 of our own servers in Tokyo to try cover East Asia. We recognize that there is a large HL community in this area, and we are working hard towards bringing our league to the Asia region. We ask for patience as this is no easy task, however we would like to fit in a full 12 week season for the Asia region this year. You can make your teams on Citadel now to be ready to participate. You can now also signup to the Asia division in Season 1.

Thank you, really

We are now just over 2 weeks out from the launch of our first season, and the support for this project has been incredible. I think we can all agree that this league was needed to fill the ever growing void that was being left in our regions.

Also a #thank to our first Patreon Pledger? Patron? Not sure what they refer to it as to be honest. Anyways, thank you ^.^

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Feel free to ask questions, send us messages, etc.

We've been receiving heaps of messages through our own Discord DM's, Steam messages, etc. While we appreciate the interest, we ask that if it pertains more closely to the league, that you ask it in the #admin-support in our Discord. No question is a silly one, fire away.