core Head Administrator

Hello everyone and welcome back, hopefully you enjoyed our extended season hiatus and are ready for some TF2 and some Highlander. Before we publicly announce the season (pro tip: you can sign up already!) we wanted to let you know what happened and why we were MIA.

Over the past few weeks, we've been working to bring a new and updated website to you from what was a bit of a dilapidated state. You'll notice over the entire website we've made a range of changes, including our URL! While will redirect to this website, our new URL moving forward will be for all of our services. With this major update, we've moved all league, community and services documentation to to make it easier to make more frequent updates.

There are a plethora of changes to the website, but none of them would be possible without /dev/zero, who stuck around and helped us through moving and updating the website, we can't thank him enough (you're a legend).

We will have more info regarding seasons and updates to our other services coming soon!