core Head Administrator

Hello everyone! We would like to welcome everybody back to another new season. But this season isn't like any other, this season has likely seen more changes over the board then any of our previous seasons, and it's been 2 years since we started the league. In this time we've seen 1177 users, 135 teams and 603 matches!

But you were likely on the edge of your seat waiting for this new season right? Well we won't hold you. You can sign up to the new seasons, make your teams, do whatever you want - just be aware that signups close Friday the 2nd of October.

Now that we have that tid-bit of info out of the way, we can get onto some of the changes. For this we will likely just list everything changed, and invite anyone who wants to discuss these changes to our discord's #tf-discussion channel. Let's get on with the changes:

Map changes/additions for this season

  • Removed Gullywash
  • Removed Proside
  • Added Vigil_rc7
  • Added Cascade_rc1a

Comp Fixes plugin

  • Enabled Deterministic Fall Damage fix
  • Enabled Ghost Crossbow Bolt fix
  • Enabled the fix to remove Halloween ghost particle effects

Ruleset changes:

  • Adjusted STV usage rule to only focus on "Spectators" and remove anything relating to STV enforcement
  • Amended "KOTH - King of the Hill" to represent our current system of play where we play one half of a map. Specifically for KOTH playing first to three points as opposed to the current wording of two points in a half
  • Updated scoring section to be up-to-date with our current league structure
  • Made updates to our casting rules, namely the introduction of a second approved organization
  • Updated Active Roster vs. Player Pool in the ruleset to ease any future confusion
  • Mirror ban rule has been updated; Respawn will now more heavily review bans from other leagues and make our own conclusion on whether a user should be banned, we still mirror ban the same types of offences

Infraction changes

  • Clarified social platforms
  • Expanded on misleading admins T2, moving impersonation to this and out of our league ruleset

Documentation changes

  • Moved most, if not all important documentation to our new docs website,
  • Made small wording and terminology changes to a majority of our documentation
  • Moved documentation from to our new docs website

These aren''t all of the changes, but these are the most important and easiest to fit into this medium. We will likely be making further changes leading up to the season, and will inform you about those.