core Head Administrator

Hey again everyone, before we get started we would like to thank every team, captain and player who has participated in our league thus far, a second season of two divisions is incredible. The seedings below have been released early to give teams roughly a day to raise any quarrels with their placements. If you need to raise something with us, reach out to one of our administrators or use #admin-support or #ticket-support in our discord!


  1. red pandas
  2. reckless rascals
  3. batsoup paraphernalia
  4. BTG
  5. Fridge Magnet Poetry
  6. 8th Gate
  7. ackbay otay hthey onesbay
  8. Panucci's Pizza


  1. Spilt Milk
  2. egg
  3. My Gaming Edge
  4. Church of gibus highlander
  5. moa
  6. Sesame Street
  7. Sexy Beasts
  8. The Sweet Shop
  9. Olive Garden