core Head Administrator

Hey everyone,

As you have possibly already seen, our documentation hub has been receiving a lot of updates that are focused around implementing more division appropriate rules, clarifying confusing rules or moving them under headings that make a bit more sense. All major ruleset changes can be seen in the list below:

  • Mercenaries can now only be sourced from the division you are in or below, meaning recently active (1-2 seasons) Premier players cannot be considered as mercenaries for games within the Main division unless approved by a League Administrator.
  • POV Demos are required to be kept for 6 months (which works out to 1-2 seasons), failure to do so will incur penalty if discovered.
  • Casted matches covered by Approved Casting Organizations (KritzKast & CappingTV) will require you to use your RSL / Respawn League account alias or "well-known" alias. Failure to follow this rule will incur infraction penalties.
  • Moved Roster & Transfer related rules to its own heading.

There are more minor changes, and we will continue to update the rules to try make it easier for everyone to navigate and understand. But as always, ignorance of the rules is not an excuse, however we will try and inform everyone of major rule changes before we action them. Moving forward, we will not be retroactively applying any of these rules for the first two weeks of the season, but will be enforcing them from this moment onward.

To help us better combat poor behaviour, toxicity and other bigotry we have introduced our Community Guidelines. These can be found in our documentation hub, and outline exactly what we expect of each and every player, along with a bit of what you can expect in terms of what we can penalize players for and where our reach extends.