core News team & Head of Anti-Cheat

Just a quick website update before we start Season 1.

- Rules page has had more content added, including: Mercenaries, Match Deadlines / Default Days, Server Usage and Roster Limits.
- Patreon link now working correctly.
- Added Trello Roadmap as link rather than a page.
- Added Map Schedule page under Help & Resources.
- Added Get Started link for when that page goes live.
- Started working on Light / Dark modes.
- Forums are now opened up for LFT and LFP posts.
- General UI improvements, including new SVG logo.
- Fixed notifications not correctly displaying inside the drawer.

There are a number of undocumented changes. As always, please brush up on the Rules before the season starts. Signups close 14th (Friday) so make sure to get your team signed up!