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Before getting into things, we would like to congratulate every team that has made it into the Playoffs for this season, along with every team who played this season.

Main division:

  1. Ambulas
  2. League of Super Evil
  3. AlumilaiX
  4. Ching Chads

We are using Page Playoffs to run this competition, an example of how it works; the 3rd and 4th seed match up against each other, and the loser is eliminated with the 1st and 2nd seed going head to head with the winner moving straight to the finale. The victor of the 3rd/4th game will go up against the loser of the 1st/2nd game and decide who is brought to the finals. This means the playoffs will run for a total of 3 weeks. Since there are only 6 teams, only the Top 4 will proceed to Playoffs.

There are some playoffs unique rules that come into effect that everyone needs to be aware of:

  • Mercenary usage throughout playoffs needs to be approved by both the captain/s of the opposing team AND a League Administrator. Failure to do so will result in a penalty.
  • There are no forfeits allowed in playoffs brackets.
  • Due to the low match count that comes with smaller playoffs brackets, you will have a staff member assigned to oversee everything regarding your match; from mercenaries, scheduling, disputes and just to answer any general questions you have.

If you have questions regarding anything, or merely need help during Playoffs, please contact either your assigned staff member or reach out through #admin-support or #ticket-support in our discord.

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