core Head of Anti-Cheat, Retired Head Administrator

We are reopening staff applications for the RSL Staff team for the following positions:

  • League Administrator: Within this role, you are expected to uphold the integrity and competition of our league, whilst assisting and moderating matches for our seasonal leagues and tournaments. We typically like some experience in this area when considering applications but it isn't required.
  • Tournament Organiser: As an organiser, you will work with existing League Administrators and behind the scenes staff to help shape our upcoming tournaments through 2021 and beyond. Each organiser will have varying levels of public interaction so it is important that you are able to uphold to the values of our league and can commit the time in the lead up to events and during them.
  • Social Media Manager: This role will likely only need to be filled by one person, and may not get filled. We're opening this role up to anyone who feels they have what the role would require and more. Basically, just surprise us with this one.

Our staff applications are now available on our league website and will remain there indefinitely, and we will work to update everyone via this space as there are new openings, but any application submitted there will remain there permanently, so if you miss out on the first go around you will likely be considered on the next.

You can find our staff applications here or via

Thanks again everyone,