core Head of Anti-Cheat, Retired Head Administrator

Hey again everyone, before we get started we would like to thank every team, captain, and player who has participated in our league thus far, and for allowing us to have another season of multiple divisions! Below you will find the final seedings for AU/NZ Highlander for Season 8:


  1. red pandas
  2. ?
  3. reckless rascals
  4. OwO >w< UwU
  5. Nuclear Ratz
  6. Crippled Cartel
  7. always salt your pasta while boiling it
  8. bp.

Please be aware that Main will have a BYE match each week.


  1. moa
  2. Catman's Cat Cafe Paradise
  3. from gosford 2: highlander edition
  4. Burnt Pizza
  5. Arby's
  6. The Mann from U.N.C.L.E
  7. Cranial Crongoloids
  8. Push 'til Dawn
  9. Pandas Red

With the commencement of the AU/NZ Highlander season, we will be extending the signups of ASIA Highlander by another week (signups will close 13th Feb, with the season starting on the 15th). We have done this to allow more time for newer teams to signup for the region.

We've updated the versions and skews of maps being used in this season with the releases of the fixed versions from the Refresh Map team. You can see the new versions of each map listed below:

  • cp_steel_pro_rc2 > cp_steel_f2
  • koth_warmtic_rc4 > koth_warmtic_f1
  • koth_ashville_rc2a > koth_ashville_rc2c
  • pl_upward_pro_b2 > pl_upward_pro_b2b

As some of you may already be aware, I (core) plan to step down from the Head Admin position and fade into the background, so if you feel you are capable of filling some staff positions, check out our staff applications.