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League Ban

Lazz STEAM_0:1:97884043
Lazz STEAM_0:0:242256317
Thomas Shelby STEAM_0:1:495213138

Lazz/Thomas Shelby has been caught using alternate accounts within Respawn League competitions. As such, they will be removed from the active season and receive the new revised standard league ban for the usage of alternate accounts (which is now 2 years - please see the news post directly after this post).

Should ANY teams in Respawn be found housing this player, the team will be permanently removed from our competitions and all players involved will face severe penalties.

Let this serve as a warning to everyone that trying to circumvent account usage guidelines put in place to safeguard competitive integrity is important to us and attempts to break these guidelines will result in severe penalties.

zerk : thomas shelby isnt an alt ive talked to him

this guy is also a cheater