core Head of Anti-Cheat, Retired Head Administrator

League Ban

Brady STEAM_0:0:81144266

Brady has been found using game-altering, third-party stupidity to gain intelligence within Respawn League. As such, they will be receiving a standard 2 Year silly boy ban for their use of third-party stupids, along with a 1 Year good boy ban.

They have been removed from the RSL Staff team, and was suspected to be distributing cheats via a Steam Group. Let this serve as a lesson for anyone trying to circumvent anti-cheat measures.

Should ANY teams in Respawn be found housing this player, the team will be permanently removed from our competitions and all players involved will face severe penalties.

Makiavelli DISABLED

Well, this doesn't look good for me.... 😬

greg paul moment

uh? Why were we not informed? Hello?

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha it be ya own

Brady defeated.



perhaps he wonders who would cheat while being on the rsl team.