core Head of Anti-Cheat, Retired Head Administrator

September 2018 I began Respawn League, out of nothing but a want for better Highlander in AU/NZ as our existing league wasn't doing anything to improve our situation and was happy with leaving it as it was. Over this time we've run eight seasons of AU/NZ Highlander, seven of ASIA Highlander, and six seasons of Quadlander/4v4. It is my hope that I am leaving this position in a much better situation than when I began, and that the community continues to grow as you have done. However, sadly that time for me has come to an end, effective immediately I will be stepping down from my Head Admin position of Respawn League and passing the wheel to omni.

omni will be your new Head Admin, and I have full confidence that he will take Respawn League further into the future. Many of you were already aware that I was planning to step down and for everyone who has supported this league over it's almost three years of life, I cannot thank you enough. I am beyond grateful for the experiences I had, the people I was able to meet, play and start a league with.

I would like to thank every Respawn League staff member, past and present, for their contribution to growing our small and self-driven, yet determined community. In particular, I would like to thank:

  • Brady - He helped me start the league almost three years ago, and has been helped run it ever since for which I will be forever grateful.
  • Kodyn - Leaving UGC and joining us to help run each season as a League Admin, Kodyn has been nothing but a champion, and without him we wouldn't be where we were today.
  • Michael - This dude, man I cannot thank you enough. You were there from almost the very beginning and helped take the league further than anyone on this list.
  • omni - I'm leaving things in your capable hands, and hope that your drive for the game doesn't fade because of this position. I'm leaving you both a curse and a gift, hopefully a gift.
  • bird - bird was a later join than most of the list, but her consistent community drive and pre-existing community positions made her the perfect candidate for a League Admin, and an even better fit for the staff team.
  • Trips - He may have not been around as long, but honestly Trips was an absolute legend in the early days, and hope wherever you are now or whatever you are doing now that you are enjoying it, and that you never forget you have a very welcoming community here if you ever decide to come back!
  • Bizink - Bizink is an incredibly talented artist, and I hope wherever you went you get to explore that talent. Bizink made the concept for the badges we have today. Sadly Valve won't allow new model designs into the game currently otherwise we'd be able to see your second design! D:
  • Sickday/Liam - An absolute trooper of an artist, I hope we get to see more of your incredible art in the future! Liam is who you have to thank for our new logo, along with the profile picture for Alfred, our support bot.
  • EmperorFaiz - Been a while since I've followed what you have been doing, but am eternally grateful for the timeless badge we have ingame, and that is in no small part thanks to you.
  • obla - You were invaluable when I was starting the league, you helped me get into contact with Valve, and after talking to you about the current state of Highlander something you said clicked with me, and ended up being what made me decide to jump in and do it. I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to run Conquer with you, and for helping start this league!
  • catfish - We came into this sort of position at roughly the same time, and you have been nothing but a legend when I needed to talk to you regarding something league related or what I should do with something, that guidance was immeasurably appreciated.
  • Agro - We're still writing this story, but I am nothing but appreciative of the growth our league has seen thanks to you and KritzKast.
  • Wiethoofd - From help in the early days setting up our own league coverage, to getting our whitelists on, to helping get our league covered by KritzKast, thank you! <3
  • jeebs
  • max
  • froggy
  • inc
  • shy
  • apples
  • Comby
  • Mundane
  • Devlin

I haven't written a little blurb for everyone yet, but for everyone on the list and to anyone I have missed, I would like to thank you for taking time out of each day to put it into our community. I'm not going to lie and say you will enjoy every moment, sadly that is becoming the nature of volunteer positions in the TF2 community, but I hope that our little community will always have nothing but respect for that time and dedication.

I'll be sticking around as a League Admin for a while, otherwise this should be my last website post and last day as the Head Admin. My hope is that you will all join omni in continuing our little league into the future.

old man

The admin we had, not the one we deserved. Thankyou king, you're 1 in a million best of luck on your journey. Enjoy your retirement I heard Barbados is lovely this time of the year.

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^^^ connor after reading this


why core leaving tho ;(