omni Retired Head Administrator

Hey everyone,

As some of you have likely noticed, I have been absent as of late due to other commitments, and have left the later half of the season in a state of neglect. With my own time waning, I have opted to step down from my role as Head Administrator and administration as a whole.

With the end of the year approaching, bird will be stepping up to take over my role as Head Administrator for 2022. I have full confidence and belief in the fact that they will take Respawn League further into the future I had hoped to bring for the league, and fulfil the expectations of our community.

Thanks to everyone within this community for allowing me to try to lead this league and I hope this league will continue to grow and become the best it can be.

Thanks again,

humongous L

bird becomes admin, bans max because of his religious belief on participating in the act of "birds server". #freemax2022