bird Head Admin

Hi Everyone!
With all seasons now concluded, I want to give A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to all our winners and runners up of Season 10 of AU/NZ Highlander, Season 9 of ASIA Highlander, and Season 1 of both AU/NZ and ASIA BBall.
Final placements for each region and mode are as follows:


AU/NZ Premier

1st - Immaculate Dub
2nd - Musos
3rd - rascals

AU/NZ Main

1st - in memoriam fatpizza
2nd - Kodyn-19
3rd - CURSED


1st - gamblers from MACAU
2nd - Master Yoga
3rd - Elysium


AU/NZ Premier

1st - lowkey feeling steezy rn
2nd - SubwaySurfers
3rd - fish from fortnite

AU/NZ Intermediate

2nd - ok
3rd - average top enthusiasts

AU/NZ Main

1st - flower bridge but in canto
2nd - LeBron Hairline
3rd -

ASIA Premier

1st - Buzz Dripyear
2nd - Gaijins
3rd - 台灣第一名<3


1st - Gum Slot
2nd -Teh Tarik
3rd - Party Hats

With that done and dusted, we will be taking a break over the coming weeks and announcing the next seasons after the New Year, along with an end of season survey for feedback, so keep an eye on this space.

Thank-you so much to everyone for the warm welcomes to my new position as Head Admin, I also wanted to extend a thank-you to everyone who continues to play and breathe life into our league. I am excited and looking forward to the New Year!

Happy Holidays!!