core Head of Anti-Cheat, Retired Head Administrator

That title looks nothing but foreboding, but at the conclusion of 2022, the new RSL (Respawn League for short) administration brought some concerns about the future and continuation of RSL to me, and in wanting to keep Highlander alive in the region (a project I set out on in mid-late 2018), I jumped at the chance. I know the stigma around Highlander in Australia but rest assured, with both administrations working together, full-steam ahead, we’ll be ready to bring a true revival to the classic Community Highlander some of our older players may remember.

So what are we calling this then? Well, I am glad you asked! Say hello to the ozfortress Highlander Revival. Whilst it is a very simple name, we feel it sells our goals and ambitions for Highlander. Working together with RSL’s administration team, we have managed to set up and secure prizes, including a monetary prize pool and some other rewards. Along with these, we have managed to prepare the season info in just under two weeks, and have a season ready for you to be playing, with signups open now and the season starting Monday 11th of April.

While it’s not quite the direction we were aiming to take 2022, we are thrilled to be working with a larger team towards delivering the best Australian Team Fortress 2 experience possible. Stay keen-eyed for more details regarding this and off-season tournaments post Season 33 of our 6v6 format.

Kind Regards,
The ozfortress and Respawn League administration teams.