ms. pauling bong fiend League Admin

We've had a few reports come in over the past two weeks regarding player profile content, mainly player items and their usage, steam groups those players are in, and other profile content.

After lots of back and forth discussion between the admin team, we've collectively come to the following conclusion going forward to hopefully clear up these issues people have.

In-game Items

In-game items used by players in a Respawn League (or match where our config is being used) official, scrim or pug are considered within our reach and infractable, with items used outside of these scenarios considered out of our reach. In-game items which target and harrass particular players will be treated separately under our current harassment and threat policies, as we've deemed these circumstances to be within our reach regardless of where they are used.

Steam Groups

Steam groups are not considered within our reach unless the group contains content which would be considered targeted harassment. This includes the name, description or tag of the group.

The Respawn League team.

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