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Respawn League was started out of discontent for the current Highlander situation in the neighbouring regions of Australia, New Zealand and Asia. We are working in association with PURE to cover the Asia region.

Community Vision

We aim for our community to be one of inclusiveness, good hearted fun
and enjoyment. The sole purpose of this league is to be for the
community, by the community. If you feel we go out of these bounds,
tell us. If you feel we aren’t communicating enough, or we are not
addressing issues well enough, let us know.


We have a concept of the badge that we plan to have submitted, courtesy of our artist Bizink.

Badge Concept

(Please note that this is a very early concept which is not coloured yet, and was done on top of the image and not an in-game model yet.)

We will be releasing this badge concept in more detail over the coming days once we consult our badge modeller.

Current Map Pool

We believe that if you are committing the time to play 8 -12 weeks of any competitive format then you should like the maps. While during the regular season the maps are picked for you, you can vote on the overall map pool for the entire season prior to it. These votes will take place 2-3 weeks prior to the start of the regular season.

Please keep in mind that the below maps are subject to change with the pre-season map voting.

Badwater (pl_badwater_pro_v12)
Upward (pl_upward)
Swiftwater (pl_swiftwater_final1)
Product (koth_product_rc9)
Borneo (pl_borneo)
Ashville (koth_ashville_rc1)
Coalplant (koth_coalplant_b7)
Cascade (koth_cascade_rc1a)
Steel (cp_steel)
Warmtic (koth_warmtic_rc4)
Gullywash (cp_gullywash_final1)
Vanguard (cp_vanguard)

CFG / Whitelist

Server Configs | Whitelist

Server Providers

We provide some of our own bookable game servers, however sometimes these may not be enough. ozfortress, PURE and CPU.TF have graciously provided their servers to the community for use in both Highlander scrims and officials.

General behaviour disclaimer

Any form of abuse/bullying such as belittlement, racism, sexism, political/religious discussions and threats, including revealing others private details, is strictly prohibited.

Ignorance of any or all of the rules is not innocence, you must abide by all rules and fixtures, failure to do so will result in punitive action.


The ruleset for the league is all-inclusive and covers disputes, guidelines and behaviour.

A comprehensive list of our Rules can be found at the Rules page.


More information on each documented area will be made available through Citadel and Discord in the coming weeks, along with the announcement for the season start date.


League Directors

Discord: Trippel8#6082

Discord: core#9243

Social Media & Support links

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Server Provider links

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