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Mirrored Ban: Inappropriate Account Usage & Historical Cheating

Lazz on a Vacation - STEAM_0:1:97884043
Lazz - STEAM_0:0:242256317

The user above was found on an active roster without seeking permission to play by the Administrative team due to their existing ban on ozfortress, their use of an alternate account and a VAC ban on their primary account. As such, we are mirroring the full length of the ozfortress ban, which after this period their ban will be reviewed. This ban covers League Participation only, with no other affect on their access to other Respawn League services.

Aim on Point will not receive any penalty for housing this user, as their Captain was unaware of the user's ban status. Should ANY team, whether in Player Pool or Active Roster, be found housing this user for the duration of their ban, will incur penalty onto all other players on the team.

Avoiding our Bans system is something we do not encourage, as you can see above.