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I just wanted to put a quick disclaimer here. Citadel (built by ozfortress' /dev/zero) was intended as a platform for leagues to build their format off of, and does not have native support for everything and anything in regards to Competitive Formats, so there will be modifications coming in the future that will affect the way Points are calculated for teams, including new variables such as Map / Round points. This is still in the works and is not something easy to wrap our minds around, so we will do our best to improve the way we do scoring for Regular Seasons.

How Points are Calculated Currently
Just to clear up any further misconceptions, the way the system currently works is you gain 4 points for winning the entire match, regardless of maps / halves won, 2 for a 'Draw' which is there as a technicality, with it making no impact on matches, and 0 points for losses. As for how we run forfeit points, if you have been forfeited against, say the enemy team didn't show up, you are not penalised. You can reschedule your match with 4 hours notice prior to the official without penalty. If it is a mutual / technical forfeit, you will gain 2 or 0 points, depending on the situation. If you have forfeited against a team, you gain zero points.

With that out of the way, we have brought a series of new and interesting features and changes to Citadel to better improve its functionality for multiple regions.

Significant Changes to Citadel:
- Added Timezone support, courtesy of 200 for allowing me to commit
these changes.
- The bracket line display on the Season 1 page has been adjusted to
only show lines on hover, to avoid this insanity: image courtesy of<br>
(image courtesy of 200, I believe its NA Ready Steady Pan).
- Added link to player profiles.
- Added ozfortress link to player profiles.
- Added UGC link to player profiles.
- Changed the 'captain' tag to be capitalised, it is also now Yellow.
- 'About & Contact' has been truncated to 'About'.
- 'Help & Resources' has been truncated to 'Help'.
- The 'Rules' page under About has been updated to reflect changes.
- The 'Credits' page under About has been updated.
- There is no longer a need for,
as we are incorporating this into our new Support Center under Help. The content in this area is WIP.
- The 'Server Administration' page has been changed to 'Server Guide'
and has been updated with more information.
- The 'Map Schedule' page now has our FastDL / Maps archive linked.
There will be more updates coming for Citadel in the near future, with more new and exciting features.

A Quick Update on Badges
Badges for Season 1 AUS / NZ are being added to the game, hopefully before the end of the season, but we are at the mercy of Valve on this one. Big shoutout to Eric Smith for his help with this process, and providing us all the information we needed.