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Welcome to Week 6 of Respawn League Season 1. Please make sure you're checking your alerts and using your match comms to communicate with the other leaders.

The map being played this week is Steel (cp_steel).

If you have any problems or queries regarding this week's matches or the league in general, you can visit our Discord on the right of the page and seek admin support.

  • You can download the map by clicking here.
  • You can see the map schedule here.

(If you're having trouble setting up a server, you can use this guide for a guideline.)

Quick notice about Admin Support and In-Game problems.

  • Do not spam the Admin Support channel in the Discord as doing so will get you suspended from the League. Instead, post a message and wait for contact from a member of Staff. Ignoring Admins and other Staff members will also get you suspended.

  • Both teams are permitted a maximum of 3 pauses in each match (not per map). Each pause is limited to 5 minutes, but combined will not surpass 10 minutes. How you use the pauses are up to you. If the other team permits it, a longer pause can be used. Failure to unpause or go over the allowed time will result in penalties. You must give a warning of at least 5 seconds for when you are going to unpause and resume the match. Failure to give warning will result in a serious penalty. Unpausing the other team's pause will result in an immediate forfeit for your team.