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Hello again, everyone. Welcome back to Round 2 of our Season 1 Playoffs.

This week's matches can be played Monday - Wednesday, make sure you schedule as such. Please also note that you be possibly playing more than 1 match this week, with the second lot of matches being played between Thursday - Saturday.

The structure for all brackets in Playoffs in regards to map picks and bans, with the exception of the Finals, are as follows:

Home Team Bans
Away Team Bans
Home Team Bans
Away Team Bans
Home Team Picks

You can pick from the entire Regular Season Map Pool. (This was changed to give teams more choice).

Forfeit Rules for Playoffs

While the rules are subject to change next season, we are following the implemented rules, no matter how unrefined. There will be one change however. If you forfeit a Playoffs match, your team will be immediately removed from Playoffs, with the seeds being moved up, and the runner up 9th place team taking the 8th position for a second chance at playing. If you forfeit, all players with the Captain role will also receive a Captaincy Ban for next season.

Administration during Playoffs

If you have any issues during Playoffs, you need to contact us immediately, failure to do so in certain scenarios will result in penalties. If you know your team cannot participate in the Playoffs for any reason, contact us prior to the first round.

Administrators will be following each and every match closely, ensuring Match Details are confirmed and the results are submitted correctly and truthfully. Certain Playoffs matches will be cast by our Official Channel, so please follow our rules when participating in one of these casted matches, and change your name to your username on the league website.