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Bookable Server Providers

Current Bookable Providers:

  • Qixalite (AU/NZ, SEA & AS)
  • PURE (AS)

Servers will be distributed by the provider's booking method, be it through their IRC, Discord Bot or through a web interface. To set up the server ready for your match, you must execute the following commands in the in-game console:

rcon_password (password here) - Use the rcon_password supplied by the provider.
rcon changelevel pl_upward - Substitute pl_upward with the map you are playing.
rcon exec respawn_hl_koth - Pick the right one for the map you are playing.
rcon exec respawn_hl_stopwatch - Without the brackets (or whats in them).
rcon exec respawn_hl_standard - Without the brackets (or whats in them).

Logs are provided at the provider's Uploads page. If you participated in the game, it will come up in your Matches tab on your profile. STV Demos will be stored for download by most providers, who will usually have methods of getting them. If you want to keep any of these SourceTV Demos, you will need to download them. We cannot guarantee how long they will be available.

Self Hosting vs Dedicated Servers
We do not recommend, nor allow the use of Self Hosted Game Servers. These tend to be very unreliable due to ping, internet issues, and poor setup. We also prohibit the use of these servers as they run on a residential connection, meaning your connection could be attacked by a Denial of Service attack (DOS). Dedicated Server providers, be it a Game Server or VPS / Dedicated Box, are typically sufficient for use within our league however, they must follow the below expectations:

  • Official Respawn League Configs & Whitelist MUST be used.
  • The server should have adequate bandwidth and routing to properly serve all clients.
  • The server must have the exact versions of the maps used in Regular Season play.
  • The server must have Logs.TF installed, along with recorded SourceTV Demos. There are enough tutorials for each and every one of these requirements, please do not come straight to us with a problem on your server.

Server Configs
You can find our up-to-date configs and whitelist on the link below: GitHub Repository