core Head Administrator

This is a topic of contention for many new, and even some experienced teams. Roster Locks give us a way of locking all Active Rosters within a desired league / season. It's primary use case is to prevent the removal or addition of players after a certain point (typically around Week 7). Once Rosters have been locked, no team leader is able to transfer players without express permission and approval from the entire Respawn League staff team. Roster Lock also helps prevent removing a player prior to Playoffs to stop a specific person from getting a badge, or removing a player out of spite.

Under no circumstances, will we approve a transfer because you are a "friend" of a staff member, I'm surprised this was ever asked as it's fairly obvious it wouldn't happen. We will not approve transfers post Roster Lock either.

There are some situations / emergency statutes that allow for the replacement of a team member, but this is limited specifically to each case. We ask that you come to us with these matters and we will decide whether to allow or disallow them. You will always have the option to use Mercenaries, but they will require staff approval during Playoffs.