core League Admin

We do not allow any unapproved casting organizations to cover Grand Finals, Bronze Matches or Semi Finals unless explicit permission is given.

How to cover a match:

  1. Seek approval from both Team's Captains, screenshot chat logs with them, and come to an Administrator.
  2. Wait for approval from the Administrator you contacted. If you do not get approval, you are ineligible to cover the match, and will not discuss it further outside of your organization or entity.
  3. If you do get approval from both team's Captains, and a Respawn League Administrator, then you are free to start setting up, scheduling and announcing. We provide a channel and some resources that may help with this in our Public Discord.

Things to note:

  • Please be aware that Producers / Observers are allowed to ask for RCON to setup sv_logsecret for their Cheat Feed, however if you do not feel comfortable with them doing it, you can ask them to pass you the command and you can send the console output back.
  • Organizations, Entities, Producers / Observers and Casters / Talent are not allowed to dictate what server a match is played on, the time or day of the match, or the players / maps involved. This is declared as Match Fixing / Interfering with a Match, and will be punishable with a permanent league ban. You have been warned.