core News team & Head of Anti-Cheat

A Quick Note

I would just like to thank everyone who has joined the Discord and Citadel thus far, the support and interest in this venture is much appreciated. We've jumped up 180 members in less than 48 hours, wow.

Season 1 Details

  • Choose your match day: You have from Tuesday - Friday for matches.
  • Signups for our first ever season of Highlander - Season 1, open
    tomorrow (Monday the 27th of August). This will give you a few weeks before season start.
  • Season 1 will commence on Monday, 17th of September. Your week 1 matches are generated, and you will be able begin match communications.
  • Due to community vote, everyone will have an optional Pre-Season Match / Scrim that, while not mandatory, we'd like to see be used. You can organize your match on the generated match pages' communications.
  • This season will have in-game medals, distributed after the season has finished. The latest concept for this badge can be found below: courtesy of Bizink
  • This badge concept has now been passed to our badge designer, and we will be making contact with Valve in the coming weeks.

General Information

  • All popular Australian server providers are now running our configs and whitelist, so you have the choice of server provider.
  • Our own Bookings bot is still under development, and should be completed before season start.
  • Citadel will be experiencing some down times / maintenance to update and upgrade features in non-peak times.

If you have anymore questions, please don't hesitate to post a message in the #admin-support channel of our Discord, the link for which can be found on the right sidebar.

We've also prepared a promotional video, watch it here: