Connor Head Administrator

Common Name - Grimseh
Reason - Sharing and distribution of personal information and images.
Ban Period - 5 Week Match Ban.
Steam ID - 76561198290593816
Discord ID - 169324498804277248

Common Name - Dream
Reason - Sharing and distribution of personal information and images.
Ban Period - 5 Week Match Ban.
Steam ID - 76561198278067465
Discord ID - 457804813954973697

Common Name - Josh
Reason - Extreme toxicity towards multiple users, with some messages encroaching on Cyber Bullying.
Ban Period - 4 Week Match Ban.
Steam ID - 76561198053522366
Discord ID - 204490020914987008

While we have tried to use our newly implemented Infraction System for this situation, no past, present or future similar event will be the same, no case is. This means that no matter what standardized punishment scheme we put in place, it will never entirely fit the mold.

For those who are curious, Permanent Probation is not a Community Ban, but means that the user/s in question are more susceptible to the fuller extents of future punishments.

We will no longer tolerate this behaviour. As such, the standard punishment for this severity of doxing going forward will be a 1 Season Competitive Ban with a 1 Season Community Ban. Any repeat offences will also mean the punishment is doubled. You do not need to be participating in our league to receive a ban.

Levying serious allegations of pedophilia can destroy lives. It is because of this we have acted. To be clear, we can only distribute punishments for this offence if it is on a Respawn service, connected service, or in a game / format representing a gamemode we run. This is including, but not limited to; officials, scrims and tournaments inside our league. We will on occasion punish those extreme cases outside of this league, however this is rare.

All existing league bans, not including cheating bans, are being reviewed, including the ones previously in this post.

Should ANY team or user be found trying to harbour these users for the period of their ban, they will receive an equal or worse punishment. The Respawn League will not tolerate this level of poor behaviour and lack of judgement.

any1 for minecraft pug?

Hokuto wrote:

any1 for minecraft pug?

yeah im in bro whats the ip?