Connor Head Administrator

The entire reason the Respawn League exists is because we were not content with the situations for both of the neighboring regions of Australia / New Zealand and Asia. We felt other leagues had no considerations for the more specific needs of each region, and we thought we could do better, we felt we did do better. We were tired of no support, and no interest in taking these fun, "non-standard" gamemodes that we would dump many hours a week into, any further than a pat on the back at the end. We wanted to make a positive, and lasting change in our community.

If you are not aware of the events of the last 24 hours, we made a series of bans on evidence we believed justified these bans, and agreed as a team on the punishments and ban periods. Regardless of the evidence, or even the outcome, it has yet again become apparent that no matter if we try to do what we feel is right, we will just be crucified for it. For those who have had information or images doxed by others, we were firmly in your corner and wanted to support you wherever we could. For those who were being accused of wild allegations relating to pedophilia, we believed it was not right for our community members to be making such confronting allegations towards others, and we believed we were obliged to do what was right. It has become painfully clear that no matter what is right, and what is wrong, there is no winning for anyone in these situations.

We will always take the privacy of our community members seriously, and will always be committed to ensuring our community, our league, and our services are a place where people can feel safe from the persecution of others. However as a league, we can no longer interfere or intervene for poor behaviour outside of our services. Why you may ask? While we feel everything we have done is in our minds, in the best interests of our community, we sadly cannot be judge and jury all at the same time. As cryptic as that response is, many will understand it's meaning. It has only been since recent events in the last few years that leagues outside of this region have begun to pull up this type of behaviour, and are punishing those who don't stand within the bounds of an open and accepting league view, as a region we are clearly not there yet. We may never be in all honesty, and while there is no point in throwing blame, there is a large majority who feel action in this realm should have come years ago, we have to make do with what we have now.

So where does this leave us? Nowhere different. We will still punish the extreme cases, but while our intentions were pure it is clear that the community isn't ready for this. As such, I would like to apologize on behalf of the staff team for the issues this has caused. While I consider it an almost necessary stumble, it is one that shouldn't have happened. We all makes mistakes, and it is clear our league has.

So to explain the click bait title, there has always been this culture of looking away when members of the community are singled out, doxed, or abused for untrue and inaccurate allegations. We wanted to be apart of the change, we wanted to be able to say to each and every member of this community that there will always be support from us, and there will always be. But without significant change, that sadly won't happen.

Now something for those who feel it is alright, and consider their behaviour nothing but righteous, I have a rude awakening for you. Calling someone out for the allegations of pedophilia, without any substantial proof to suggest otherwise, is nothing but defamation of character, not to mention the repercussions this can have on that persons life. It may not be your intent to ruin their life, but the behaviour you have around or regarding a person, breeds more of that behaviour in others. If you cannot see where you are going wrong, you need to step back and look at it from all ends.

As a league, and as fellow community members, we are committed to ensuring the safety, rights and opinions of other members in our community. Period.

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