Connor Head Administrator

Due to the low team count for Asia Highlander this season, we have decided to start Playoffs earlier to avoid teams having to play each other multiple times. With this in mind, there will be a one week break starting tomorrow (24/06), with Playoffs starting the following week on Monday (01/07).

As this is rather sudden, rosters will remain unlocked up to, and will close on Sunday (30/06). We urge you to use this period to bring on extra substitutes.

We would like to remind Teams and Captains of some key rules specific for Playoffs:

  1. If your team is unable to play Playoffs, please inform us prior to match generation
  2. You can NOT forfeit during Playoffs, as this results in immediate removal from the Playoffs Season
  3. All mercenaries need to be approved by both the other team’s Captain, and a League Administrator

If you have any issues, questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via Discord Messages or through #admin-support in our Discord.