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Yup, it's that time again. We would like to congratulate the Top 4 teams who have made it into the AUS / NZ 4v4 Season 2 Playoffs. As always, the schedule for playoffs can be a bit hectic, but we have done our best to make the schedule easy to follow and spread over the four weeks in a better way for participating teams. If you have not made it to playoffs, we would like to congratulate you and thank you for your efforts this season. All badges will be distributed at the completion of the season.


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Playoffs Bracket Terminology

We have changed some Playoffs terminology for this season, these changes can be seen below:

  • Upper Bracket is now Winners Bracket
  • Lower Bracket is now Losers Bracket
  • Grand Finals is separate from Winners & Losers Bracket Finals

While these changes are more heavily geared towards larger Playoffs brackets, we've done this to fall in line with more common terminology used by other tournaments. In the long run this should hopefully ease some confusion.


The below schedule is used to illustrate what matches are played each week, with the allowed days also being listed under the image. As you have made it to playoffs, we expect that you ensure you and your team's availability for these days, as matches will be tightly scheduled and closely monitored by each Sub-League's Manager (see our staff list here).

Playable Match Days for each set of matches:

Week 1: Winners Bracket Round 1 (BO1): Monday - Saturday
Week 2: Winners Bracket Round 2(BO3) & Losers Bracket Round 1 (BO1): Monday - Saturday
Week 3: Losers Bracket Round 2 (BO3): Monday - Saturday
Week 4: Winners Bracket Grand Finals (BO3): Monday - Saturday
The BO1 & BO3 matches are marked with BO1 or BO3 in the above schedule.

Map Pool


Picks & Bans

Picks & Bans are different for Best of 1 Map and Best of 3 Map matches. BO1 matches are played with two halves, BO3 matches are 1 half for each map. The order of Picking and Banning can be seen in the below lists:

Best of 1 Map

Home Team Bans
Away Team Bans
Home Team Bans
Away Team Bans
Home Team Picks

Best of 3 Maps

Home Team Bans
Away Team Bans
Home Team Picks
Away Team Picks
Away Team Bans
Home Team Picks

Bracketing and Seeding

This season's playoffs are run using Double Elimination, which will pair the Top 4 and Bottom 4 seeded teams against each other for the Winners Bracket Round 1 matches. The winning team goes on through the Winners Bracket Round 2, with the losing team being moved down to the Losers Bracket to play a second match against other teams who have lost. An example of which seed is matched with the other, please refer to the line below.

1v4 and 2v3.

If you are still unsure, perhaps a screenshot of the Toornament page may help.


Match Coverage

All requests to cast from unapproved Casting Organizations or Entities need to be run by the Sub-League's Manager. For official coverage of matches, follow our Twitch channel. If you wish to seek approval, please read this thread first.

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