core Head Administrator

Common Name/s: Josh / Chase That Feeling
Ban Period: 2 year Community and Competitive ban
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:46628319
Discord ID: 204490020914987008

The above user has been found to infringe on our Competitive and Community rulesets, along with our Infractions, which has resulted in a 2 year Community and Competitive ban from Respawn League. Furthermore, they will be placed on permanent probation henceforth.


  • Clause 3.9: Associated Punishments of the Competitive ruleset
  • Clause 2: Community guidelines
  • Accumulating over 120 infraction points

Should ANY team or user be found trying to harbour this user for the period of their ban, they will receive equal or worse punishment. Respawn League will not tolerate this level of poor behaviour and lack of compassion.

this kind of injustice is what created the joker