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After considering all of the feedback given to us on our feedback polls over the previous seasons, along with a considerable amount of internal feedback, we are trialing a large amount of beneficial changes that will hopefully improve every format, while putting more focus back on our roots, which is Highlander. All of the changes can be found on the season pages, and are also documented on a lot of our recent posts.

Due to the delay on signups this time around, we are adding an extra week to signups, and pushing the entire season back a week. This is only really possible because our seasons are now 4 weeks shorter. These new dates can be seen below:

  • Signups open > 15th September
  • Signups close > 4th October
  • Regular Season starts > 7th October
  • Regular Season ends > 22nd November
  • Playoffs Season starts > 25th November
  • Playoffs Season ends > 13th December