core Head Administrator

We want to thank the prior season participants and captains, without your involvement the league wouldn't be what it is today.

Below are the seedings for AUS/NZ Highlander Season 4 and you may have questions regarding the grouping, let us clarify this. Originally two divisions were going to be run under the condition that enough teams signed up; however, as the requirement wasn't met, we will continue with a single division.

Changes outlined in our previous posts are still in effect except for those mentioned above. The regular season will consist of two maps with win condition being best of 1-half. Our rationale behind the adjustment is to give teams a better opportunity to play a map they prefer.

  1. Red Pandas
  2. Aim on Point
  3. cute little bunnies
  4. Sanctum
  5. the boys ft. shy and cows
  6. GruCCi Gang
  7. Furry Fury
  8. Antifa Super Soldiers
  9. 0% Kodyn
  10. France but Smaller

We will release further information in both our first Weekly Post and in the Match Communications of your first week matches.