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The user below accrued a total of 120 Infraction points within the Respawn League. In the spirit of upholding standards upon our league and it's players, we will be mirroring this user's ozfortress ban for the full duration, which after this period their ban will be reviewed. This ban covers League Participation and other Respawn League services. We are mirroring the ozfortress ban as we feel it is important to provide consistency in punishment across our region.

League Ban

lightning STEAM_0:1:150649939

This player has accrued a total of 90 ozfortress infraction points. As
such, the player has been banned from, the community's
competitions, and all other ozfortress properties for a period of 2
years, after which time the persons will be on permanent probation. If
they are found aliasing during their competition bans, their ban
duration will be extended.

Source: ozfortress ban: lightning -

Avoiding our Bans system is something we do not encourage, as you can see above.