Before we get too sappy, you should head over and read the first half of the posts found on ozfortress, we'll summarize some of what is written over there.

Respawn League, founded in mid-late 2018 by core & Brady, was founded in youthful eagerness to improve and expand upon Highlander not just as a format, but as a community within our region. Over the years we have seen many staff members, even more contributors, and hundreds of players. Having just recently reached over two thousand accounts, nearly three hundred teams, and twelve hundred matches over thirty-three competitions! We owe that growth, this opportunity, and much more to you, the community. We are hoping that this move is one that does not alienate either league and gives you the player the best possible experience we can provide.

We would like to thank each and every player who has played in a season of Respawn since September 2018. We hope this next step provides an even better experience going forward.


The heading sells itself. RSL Highlander, and Respawn League itself, will be dissolved into ozfortress for future competitions. There are some factors behind this decision, but we hope many of the benefits will help us improve Highlander within our region going forward.


Whilst we did want to continue RSL Asia, there will be no Asia specific division within ozfortress Highlander Season 1. Any and all out-of-region players are welcome to join in-region rosters, but there will be a cap on the amount of out-of-region players on a roster.

Finding staff from the region has been a consistent issue, and regardless of staffing problems, there hasn't been as much interest for Highlander in the region compared to AU/NZ, thus we will be focusing our time purely on one region for now. We would like to thank everyone who has participated in RSL Asia over the years.


The RSL website will become functionally static, meaning the leagues, posts, users and teams will remain, but you will not be able to create new ones. There will be a pinned post on the front page of the website directing to ozfortress. This will be done to still allow people to see their past Highlander accolades, roster history and more.


It simply isn't acceptable. Every ticket or report submitted should see even a standardized response as soon as possible. The fact that this hasn't happened is simply not good enough, and we're sorry. Going forward, it is something that will be improved on within the different teams within ozfortress.


Infraction threshold bans will be reviewed by the ozfortress Behaviour Panel and a decision will be rendered on whether or they will be continued at their current punishment length or removed. Any other ban can be reviewed upon request by that person who is banned.


Whilst there are factors internally that the merge would help us resolve, the benefits of this merge are the driving force. By merging Highlander under the ozfortress banner, we will be able to better market Australian Team Fortress to potential sponsors, and work closely with other organisations to plan tournaments and events at a larger scale than before, not to mention more off-season tournaments and a wider range of tournament formats. We hope you are just as excited about these changes as we are.

Fri May 6 07:08:14 2022 9 months ago

Player Content, Specifically Items and Steam Groups

We've had a few reports come in over the past two weeks regarding player profile content, mainly player items and their usage, steam groups those players are in, and other profile content.

After lots of back and forth discussion between the admin team, we've collectively come to the following conclusion going forward to hopefully clear up these issues people have.

In-game Items

In-game items used by players in a Respawn League (or match where our config is being used) official, scrim or pug are considered within our reach and infractable, with items used outside of these scenarios considered out of our reach. In-game items which target and harrass particular players will be treated separately under our current harassment and threat policies, as we've deemed these circumstances to be within our reach regardless of where they are used.

Steam Groups

Steam groups are not considered within our reach unless the group contains content which would be considered targeted harassment. This includes the name, description or tag of the group.

The Respawn League team.

Wed Apr 27 06:54:42 2022 10 months ago

Season Wrap Up + End of Season Survey

Hi everyone!

Congratulations to all the teams that made it to playoffs for Season 11 of AU/NZ and Season 10 of ASIA!
Your winners for both regions are listed below:


1st Place: VIP club
2nd Place: rascals
3rd Place: Fellowship of the Ping 🧝💊😎


1st Place: Specimens
2nd Place: indonesia haters
3rd Place: Kingsmen Taxi

Thank-you to everyone who continues to play and support the league. If you are interested in providing feedback for the seasons that have just commenced, or potentially suggesting changes for the coming seasons, please fill out our end of season survey:

RSL End of Season Survey April '22

Remember to keep an eye out for the announcement post of our next season, it's coming soon!