AU/NZ & ASIA 4v4 - Season 3


Welcome back everyone! We hope you all have enjoyed the break, and are ready to jump back into another season of 4v4. Respawn would also like to take this chance to thank everyone who has participated in our league thus far, without the support of this incredible community we wouldn't be able to do this for over a year now! As always, if you've been around a while or are completely new to Competitive TF2, we've got you covered!

Respawn's 4v4 Season 3 sees most of the same maps, some rule changes, bracket modifications and more. An updated list of our Maps for each format can be seen on our Map Schedule page (link at the bottom of this page). Another big change is that both AUS/NZ & ASIA regions for 4v4 have been combined, to form one larger division.

This season, 4v4 will now be considered a tournament, meaning it will only have one division. As always, we follow the ever famous Swiss System to conduct our Regular Season and Playoff Season. You can expect to be up against your Sister Team for your first match this season (1st vs 2nd, 3rd vs 4th and so on). We do this to provide a fair entry into the season, and it gives teams a good indication of where everyone is at, not to mention it tends to more fairly dictate the rest of the season as it isn't solely reliant on the seeding we give each team.

As a note: we will be randomly requesting POV Demos during this season to ensure players are recording demos. Please, please make sure you are recording them, if you are not sure how to, there are hundreds of tutorials, or feel free to ask in our Discord.

As always, you can still contact any League Administrator as we can all help in this regard. A list of these people can be found on our Staff List, any staff member will be able to help you resolve any issues.

You can refer to the Server Guide page linked at the bottom to see an updated list of server providers. We would like to thank every server provider, without your generousness we wouldn't be able to continue. On that page, you can find a list of our configs, and at the bottom of that page you can find help with Server Administration and some common questions.

After much review and feedback from our community, we are loosening Mercenary Rules, but lowering the overall Roster Limit. Please ensure you have enough Substitute Players to last you for the entire season; each team can have a maximum of 8 players on the Active Roster.

We have also changed our rules and conditions around Match Casting, a link to the post can be found below. You will typically find all match coverage on our official channels. We have not tightened this up purely because of specific organisations, we have done this to offer further opportunity to other organisations to cast and promote games, as we really just want to help promote you and your organisation through our platform, rather than being unaware of it until the last minute.

After much internal discussion, and after collecting feedback from the community, we have reached a decision to make this the final season of 4v4. As such, we are combining each region, in the hopes of having one much larger division that will allow us to improve the quality of the season. We are aware of server and ping concerns, we are working on a solution prior to the commencement of the season.

Division Administrators:


Tournament Specific Rules

Rules specific to this tournament - 4v4.

  • No Heavy and Medic at the same time.
  • No more than one of each class.

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Map Schedule | Key Dates | Match Casting | Whitelist | Competitive Rules | Community Rules
Transfers | Player Pool vs Active Rosters | Roster Lock
Server Guide | Staff List

All Matches


# Team Points Direct Encounter Norm. Score Total Score Wins
1 :B1: 60 0 12 44 12
2 [TH]OYOTECH 30 0 3 13 3
3 I TASTE A VEGETAL 16 0 2 12 2
4 Hentai Minesweeper 14 0 1 8 1
5 Fxxing Rabbits Disbanded 0 0 0 0 0