AU/NZ Highlander - Season 7



Before we get started, we’d just like to welcome everybody back, and thank you for returning for our season! We hope you have all enjoyed the small season break, and are ready for another season of Highlander. Respawn would also like to take this chance to thank everyone who has participated in our league thus far, without the support of this incredible community we wouldn't be able to do this. As always, if you've been around a while or are completely new to Competitive TF2, we've got you covered.

This region will feature two divisions, Premier & Main (provided we reach enough teams) The Round Robin System will make a return to conduct our Regular Season for Premier, with the Swiss System being used for Main. The Playoffs season will be conducted using the Page Playoffs system. We are no longer making use of the sister seed match pairing system as we have found it doesn't properly solidify our admin seeded placements the way we intended it to, and have opted to left Swiss to take care of that.

The Regular Season will feature two maps per week yet again, continuing our 9 map pool. This will mean you see more of the maps you like, and less of the ones you don't.

We heard your feedback during the season and in the poll, and there are a plethora of changes we are introducing this season. While we cannot fit all of the details here, rest assured they will be linked here and will come in further detail closer to signups closing.

We are committed like always to making meaningful changes using the data from our seasonal polls, some of these changes are below:

  • Ghost Crossbow Bolt fix enabled
  • Remove Halloween Souls fix enabled
  • Deterministic Fall Damage fix (calculated instead of random) enabled
  • Gullywash and Proside removed
  • Vigil and Cascade added
  • Significant reworking of our entire documentation regarding Ruleset, Community Guidelines, Infractions and more
  • New website (duh - big thanks to /dev/zero for all of his help with that process).

We would like to thank every server provider, without your generosity we wouldn't be able to continue. In this spirit, we have officially adopted Qixalite as our second League Partner due to their commitment to bring a better game server experience to both regions we cover.

Please remember that you NEED to be recording POV demos, and holding onto those POV demos for at least 3 months after the season. Failure to present the requested POV/s upon request by an administrator will now result in a 6 month ban. Treat this elevation in treatment as the last straw, and we hope this will encourage everybody to keep their POV demos recording.

In continuing with the theme of changes to match coverage, we have adopted a second approved casting organization for this season. While it still remains their choice to cover matches, they will have our league's full support to help grow coverage of Highlander within our scene.

We would also like to give some thanks to KritzKast, our approved casting organization for Season 7, along with CappingTV who are now also approved. We now consider any organization other than these two entities unapproved, meaning they will need both team captains to approve, along with admin approval. Approved casting organizations can cast whichever game without the need for team captains to approve. We’ve instituted this change as we feel there are little to no justifiable reasons for not wanting coverage, and by making this change we can streamline the process of getting casts organized.

Division administrators

  • Michael
  • max


  • bird
  • omni

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Map Schedule | Key Dates | Whitelist | Competitive Ruleset | Community Guidelines
Transfers | Server Guide | Staff List

All Matches


# Team Points Direct Encounter Norm. Score Total Score Wins Score Difference
1 red pandas 44 0 14 28 14 19
2 batsoup paraphernalia 36 0 12 26 12 8
3 reckless rascals 24 0 12 26 12 14
4 Fridge Magnet Poetry 18 0 5 10 5 -3
5 BTG 12 0 4 8 4 -5
6 Panucci's Pizza 8 0 2 5 2 -15
7 8th Gate 6 0 1 3 1 -14
8 ackbay otay hthey onesbay Disbanded 0 0 0 0 0 -4


# Team Points Direct Encounter Norm. Score Total Score Wins Score Difference
1 egg 44 0 18 32 18 31
2 moa 34 0 11 18 11 5
3 Spilt Milk 20 0 10 18 10 4
4 Sesame Street 18 0 7 11 7 0
5 My Gaming Edge 16 0 8 16 8 3
6 Sexy Beasts 12 0 4 9 4 -3
7 Church of gibus highlander 10 0 3 7 3 -9
8 The Sweet Shop 10 0 3 4 3 -11
9 Olive Garden 8 0 0 0 0 -20