AU/NZ Highlander - Season 11



General Info

Welcome back to RSL Highlander! We hope you have all enjoyed the small season break, and are ready for another season. Respawn would like to take this chance to thank everyone who has participated in our league thus far, without the support of this incredible community we wouldn't be able to do this. As always, if you've been around a while or are completely new to Competitive TF2, we've got you covered.

The Regular Season will feature two maps per week yet again, continuing our 9 map pool. This will mean you see more of the maps you like, and less of the ones you don't. As there are only enough teams for one division this season, we will be running one. The ABBA system will continue to be played only in playoffs, but is now optional, meaning both teams can agree not to play ABBA. Starting with this season, KOTH maps in playoffs matches will be played in a Best of 7 format, meaning the first team to reach four (4) total rounds will take the map. More info on this can be found in our rules documents. Regular Season Matches will continue as one round of Stopwatch, and Best of 5 for KOTH (first to 3) as always. We will also be trialling 4 KOTH maps in the pool this season, as opposed to our usual 3, removing Cornwater for this season and bringing in Cascade.

This season will feature three new fixes from twiikuu's TF2 Comp Fixes, namely Deterministic Fall Damage and Override Pipe Collider Size (a pipe size fix for the Iron Bomber unlock). The third fix is for a camera-related exploit involving the extendfreeze command. All plugins used for Season 10 will remain.

Please remember that you NEED to be recording POV demos, and holding onto those POV demos for at least 3 months after the season. Failure to present the requested POV/s upon request by an administrator will result in a 6-month ban.

Again a massive thank you to the people who participated in the polls in the offseason! We've done our best to implement as many of the changes as we feel is possible, and will continue to discuss more changes going forward. We hope that we can continue to improve Respawn League for seasons to come and continue to bring the best quality Highlander to our community. Please feel free to reach out to our League Admins if you have any questions.

Map Schedule

  • Week 1: pl_upward_f5, koth_product_final
  • Week 2: pl_swiftwater, koth_warmtic_f9
  • Week 3: pl_vigil_rc9, koth_cascade
  • Week 4: cp_steel_f8, koth_product_final
  • Week 5: pl_borneo_f1, koth_ashville_rc2d
  • Week 6: pl_upward_f5, koth_cascade
  • Week 7: pl_vigil_rc9, koth_warmtic_f9


  • shy
  • LiquidAlchemy
  • Mundane
  • bird
  • Thyme
  • Grimmothy

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All Matches


# Team Points Direct Encounter Norm. Score Total Score Wins
1 VIP club 42 0 13 33 13
2 rascals 34 0 15 33 15
3 Fellowship of the Ping πŸ§πŸ’ŠπŸ˜Ž 24 0 10 23 10
4 WALLET INSPECTORSπŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈ πŸšŠπŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ 🎰 πŸ—œοΈ πŸ“―πŸ‘½πŸ±β€πŸ’» 16 0 8 19 8
5 4GORT 12 0 6 14 6
6 Healthy Harold 12 0 4 10 4
7 9 Yardz HL 10 0 5 9 5
8 🀠 8 0 2 6 2
9 team name 4 0 0 0 0
10 Atomic Disbanded 0 0 6 12 6