Asia 4v4 - Season 1


Welcome to Asia 4v4 - Season 1! A few things have changed rule wise this season, so please be sure to check those out! Some major changes for all formats and regions are on the way, we are awaiting a website update to bring these changes into effect.

4v4 Specific Info

  • Roster Limit is set to 10 on the Active Roster, 13 on the Team Roster (Off Roster). You will need a minimum of 4 players to start a team.
  • Mercenary Rules have been changed for 4v4, more on this later, however you can only merc one player per match, with a total of 6 per season.
  • Yes, there will be badges, which will be in the game in the next update.

While we aim for 4v4 to be a fun competitive format, there were some changes that had to be made to ensure it was still interesting for participants.

Playable Match Days

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

All Matches


# Team Points Score Difference Direct Encounter Total Score
1 Edelweiss 24 15 2 17
2 Thanos.exe 24 2 0 17
3 Suwawa Fan Club 20 -3 0 22
4 Kampung Boys 8 -9 0 8
5 Sans shovel 4 -5 0 5
6 Singuenguenchas Disbanded 0 0 0 0