AU/NZ Highlander - Season 1

Week 4

Home Team
7/11 Never Forget
Away Team
ohai Captain Match Banned
para Captain
Josh Banned
lock Captain
inc Retired League Admin
bird Head Admin
Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Wednesday, Thursday
Match Comms
core Head of Anti-Cheat, Retired Head Administrator

Please refer to the Match Notice for more information on reporting scores, links and mercenaries. We have been lenient thus far, but in the previous week we have had to confirm 4 matches that were not fully reported or weren't at all. Please also be advised that you can now edit your days of availability under the Manage tab on your Team's page.

If you have any issues, please post them in the #admin-support of our Discord.

lock Captain red pandas

monday 9 would be best for us

lock Captain red pandas

playing wed 9

lock Captain red pandas

Forfeit Win to red pandas

para Today at 7:38 PM
hey man, we will have to ff this game. Our gamers backed out last minute