AU/NZ Highlander - Season 7

Main - Week 4

Olive Garden
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Sexy Beasts
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wasteman Captain
dep Captain
Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Match Comms

tuesday after 9:30pm NZT would be best for us, but we can also do wednesday pretty easily. could maybe do thurs/fri with mercs.

friday is our best time unfortunately

8pm AEDT is also pretty nice

lmk any other times (use aedt if possible please)

NZT is 2 hours ahead of AEDT but we can communicate in AEDT if that's easier. Talking to the rest of the team, it looks like tuesday after 7:30pm AEDT would work easiest, or we could do wednesday after 7:30pm with 2 mercs most likely. Thurs/Fri doesn't look as good anymore. Would tuesday/wednesday work for you guys at all?

i dont think we're able to do any day other than friday unfortunately, due to a large number of our players have commitments in 6's.

i'm happy to allow any mercs (so long as they're not unfair) on friday if need be.

sorry for the trouble this is causing :(

It doesn’t look like Friday will work for us - most of our team has other commitments that day so we wouldn’t be able to field a full one, even with mercs. I’ll ask an admin about it. Thanks for communicating that though. Hopefully we can sort this.

ive been suggested saturday is a possibility, is that all good with you and your team?

Saturday wouldn’t work unfortunately - we’re just as busy then as Friday

bird Head Admin

Game is to be played Wednesday 8pm AEDT

we need 2 mercs,

pod (playing for The Sweet Shop currently) on soldier

box<3 (not playing hl this season) on medic

all good?

also we need your discord if possible for easier comms - pyro

wasteman#1146 is the discord

scores fixed and submit, gg's

yo would you mind accepting the scores