AU/NZ Highlander - Season 7

Main - Week 6

Church of gibus highlander
Home Team
Sexy Beasts
Away Team
Vlogenater Captain
dep Captain
fingerinthebum CappingTV
Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Match Comms

We can play:

Wednesday 8 or 9pm
Thursday 9pm

Preferably Thursday 9 btw

We can do 8pm wednesday

9 Thursday isn’t an option anymore

Alright 8pm Wednesday

Church of gibus (home team) mercs for the match

Scout -

Medic -

Mercs accepted

merc change

Soldier -

Medic -

all g

Ajex VlogenaterToday at 7:43 PM
can typo merc soldier

AkimToday at 7:44 PM

mercing peer (accepted on discord) on medic