AU/NZ Highlander - Season 8

Main - Week 1

Catman's Cat Cafe Paradise
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Cranial Crongoloids
Away Team
jyn. Captain
Patch🦋 Retired League Admin
Aswero Captain
Winter. Captain
Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Match Comms

Does Friday 8:00AEDT work for you guys?

Also, can we get approval to merc bluehat on pyro? He's on our roster, but he was late to signup, so we have to declare him as a merc for this week

yeah sure go ahead and merc

im still discussing on the match schedule with sir serpent gimme some time

match time discussions are supposed to happen here, not in discord dms

yeah both teams have confirmed to do the match on friday 12 feb, 8pm aedt

sounds good

Is it okay if we merc bell-man? Our pyro can't make it, so we just need someone to fill the position.

bell man? sure go ahead


Very good game! You put up an amazing fight

gg's indeed. well played