AU/NZ Highlander - Season 8

Main - Week 2

Push 'til Dawn
Home Team
The Mann from U.N.C.L.E
Away Team
Oldcustard Captain
Uncle Vinnie Captain
Shroom Captain
CoolKid696969 Captain
Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Match Comms

Hello there, we are thinking thursday for the match, how about it?

Hey, Oldcustard. We're also thinking of Tuesday, is that okay?

Yeah Tuesday should be fine. 8pm?

Just checked the team. Thursday, 8 pm is good for us. 👍

You've contradicted yourself haha. Just wanna double check it's Thursday?

Yes, we will play THURSDAY. xD Sorry, I meant that I was considering Tuesday as well as Thursday.

All good! See you Thursday at 8!

See you! 👋

Hey, we would like to have merc on soldier

Sorry, Prem players cannot play in Main matches.

We have admin approval for this one as capy doesn't play soldier at prem level
enter image description here

As it seems to be admin approved, I will accept it.

Hey friends, assuming you're cool with it we need to merc yellow ( on sniper.

He's on cpys team :)

We deny as we believe yellow to be an unreasonable merc due to his high level of skill and experience in sniper

Do you have any suggestions for a sniper merc? He's on the same team offclassing as your merc, it seems pretty reasonable. This is kind of last minute for you to deny.

We are also mercing Vykus on pyro.

Anyway, id like to request Pasturized to merc sniper instead. He says he's washed :p

Both are all good. Yes sorry I was last minute getting back to you, I was busy all day. See you tonight :D

Have you got admin approval for Pasturized?


gg, thanks for the game and good luck for the season :)

Thanks, you too. :)