ASIA Highlander - Season 6

Week 2

Home Team
Away Team
snappy Captain
Obito Captain
eros Captain
Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Match Comms
eros Captain KiNGSMEN

Are you guys free on Saturday?

eros Captain KiNGSMEN

DM me on discord if you guys would like to discuss about the match eros#3256

eros Captain KiNGSMEN

Both team has agreed on having the match on Saturday(17 October) at 21:00 pm GMT+8

would you guys accept if we get Maxi2k merc on medic? some of our players including our main medic cant play tonight due to some reasons

this is his steam prof link

Hope you guys respond ASAP

eros Captain KiNGSMEN

This is a conversation between Me and the Alumilaix team leader,Obito on Steam.Just to give evidence that we make sure to schedule it on private and merc approval

eros Captain KiNGSMEN - ashville - swiftwater