ASIA Highlander - Season 8

Round 5

Pro trolling on crack
Home Team
Smokin' Sexy Style
Away Team
jyn. Captain
Patch🦋 Retired League Admin
Aswero Captain
Winter. Captain
Maxi2K Captain
Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Match Comms

The match will be on Saturday 9:30 pm sgt. and we will be using Heenano as engie and Fear demo for mercs.

approved both heenano engi and fear demo for mercs.

server would be qix hk if all qix sg servers are booked.

for product, smokin sexy style won all 3 rounds, while pro trolling on crack won 1 round. home team submitted scores wrongly, hence the right score should be 1-3 (home team-away team) please edit accordingly.

Patch🦋 Retired League Admin Smokin' Sexy Style

Updated the issue, should be fixed now.